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The 9 Best Beaches in Samana, Dominican Republic, you should visit!

Samaná, being a peninsula, offers its visitors lots of wonderful beaches. In this article, you will find some of the best beaches in Samana that you shouldn´t leave aside when planning your trip. Each one more attractive than the other. So, take note!

Samaná beaches are very different from other destinations in Dominican Republic because their sand is not white as flour, but golden. I need to make this clear because people who prefer white sand, get a little disappointed when they visit Samaná. But trust me and go anyway!  

The wild beaches you will find in this region have nothing to do with the ones in Punta Cana or Bayahibe. They are beaches of hundreds of coconut trees and golden sand, more natural and secluded.

Let’s discover some of the best beaches in Samaná!

best beaches in Samana Dominican Republic

The 9 best beaches in Samaná you should visit

In the following list, which doesn´t show any particular preference, you will find several beaches (each one different from the other) that deserve seeing.

1. Playa Rincon, the best beach in Samaná

Playa Rincón beach in Samaná is considered not only the best in Samaná, but also one of the best beaches in the world (though, I couldn´t  find who carried out the survey).

It´s 3 kilometers long, with Caño Frío River on one of its extremes, highly frequented for its mangrove swamps and turquoise waters. On the other side of the peninsula there are bars and restaurants where you can eat or have a snack or drink.

Although there´s an increase in tourism because of its popularity, its beaches keep the quietness and privacy most people look for. It´s located in the area of Las Galeras. 

💯 You can book this tour to visit Rincon beach and Fronton beach (the next one!), the two best beaches in Samaná

2. Playa Frontón beach: truly amazing

You get to the beach after a short boat ride from Las Galeras, and as you get closer, you know it´ll be awesome: a wide strip of sand crowded with coconut trees and flora, fenced with a 90-meter cliff.

It´s a landscape that reminds me of The Philippines or some of Thailand´s southern islands, and that I haven´t seen in other places in the Caribbean. That makes it my favorite beach in Samaná.

When getting into the sea, you have to beware of urchins. Well, you know paradise is not 100% perfect!. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video worth a thousand pictures. Here I share Frontón beach on YouTube (by Marvin del Cid).

3. Madama beach, a hidden place

It´s a small and hidden beach with pristine water. It´s generally OK to swim and sunbathe, but you have to be wary of strong currents that can drag you down (especially during some time of the year).

You can access the seashore through a jungle trail but I don´t recommend it because it is often the place for burglars. Normally, you get there by boat and it´s included in the excursion to Playa Frontón, like in this tour that leaves from the area of Las Terrenas.

4. Cayo Levantado, Bacardi island

Cayo Levantado is a small island in front of Santa Barbara coast in Samana bay. The island has just two beaches: one that´s public and the other that belongs to a worldwide renowned luxury hotel.

You can take a boat from Samaná port to the island (they are quite regular).

Cayo Levantado - hotels in Samana
Cayo Levantado or Bacardi island

5. Playa Bonita beach, in Las Terrenas’ area

It´s a quiet beach, with palm trees and golden sand. The water has a fascinating color and, depending on the time of the year you are going and the wind, you may find a calm or rough sea.

It does justice to its name; this is really one of the most beautiful beaches in Samaná and an ideal place for watching the sunset. In this area you can find several restaurants and accommodation.

6. La Playita beach, in Las Galeras’ area

This is a beach not so big, but lovely, with a wonderful view of the green hills in front. In the extremes there are a lot of rocks, so you will find natural boundaries to consider, especially if you go for a ramble. I have to tell you it is not a virgin beach, for there are restaurants, bars, and water sports stands, and in peak season or at the weekends can be quite noisy. You can get there on foot.

7. El Portillo beach, one of the best beaches to stay in Samaná

It´s very quiet and has calm waters, with fish that can be seen from the shore, which is ideal for snorkeling on your own. The coast is protected by the reef, becoming a good option if you don´t like waves.

It´s famous for having one of the best hotels in Samaná, which makes it a favorite amongst travelers. The beaches are large for walking, and in fact you can reach the town of Las Terrenas by a few kilometers walk.

We have an article including some of the best areas to stay in Samaná, that we recommend you to have a look before planning your trip

8. Playa Cosón beach, the wild one

It´s very extensive and wild, ideal if you enjoy walking by the sea. It tends to be windier and with strong waves, which makes it a nice choice for surfing. It´s on the furthest beach in the Las Terrenas´ area. So it has fewer people than the rest.

9. Playa Las Ballenas beach, in Las Terrenas´ area

Very calm beach, no waves. It provides extensive shady zones, so it´s a good option to spend the whole day there.

However, there are more beaches in Samaná, such as Playa Morón beach, Playa Ermitaño beach (which is accessed by boat from Playa El Valle beach), and many more. Though these I mentioned seem to be the essential ones in a visit to Samaná, especially Playa El Rincón beach and Playa Frontón beach.

But there is more to see in Samaná and that brings me to the next point.

Las Galeras - beaches in Samana

Not everything is beaches in Samaná: other things to do

Although everyone is looking for the best beaches in Samaná, they are not the only thing that this region has to offer. There are other activities to do in Samaná besides lying down under a coconut tree.

1. Go to Salto El Limón waterfall.

It´s one of the most famous excursions in Samaná. While there are other waterfalls in the area, such as Lulú, the most beautiful waterfall in Samaná is the Salto el Limón (The Lemon) Natural Monument, almost 40 meters high. Depending on the time of year, there may be more or less water flow, which is icy and ideal for cooling down from the sticky Caribbean heat.

The tour is usually done on horseback, but I recommend doing it on feet because it´s perfectly possible. Along the way, there are very nice landscapes. Many people go on weekends, so it is better to avoid them. It´s easy to get to the entrance on your own, from the Las Terrenas´ area.

2. See the humpback whales

If you’re traveling to Samaná during the Dominican winter, that is, between January and March, you can´t miss out on the whale tour (a visit to Bacardi Island is included). You can only do it at this time of year because it´s when the whales come to the area to mate.

In Samaná you will find many tour operators that offer the excursion. I always recommend verifying they´re official agencies. If you´re visiting Samaná for one day only, there are excursions like this one from Punta Cana to see the whales (or this one by airplane).

Bear in mind that witnessing a spectacle of nature that can´t be 100% predicted. What do I want to say about it? The safest thing is that you´ll see whales, but there is also the possibility that you won´t because it´s a natural event!

3. Visit wooden colorful houses street line in Samaná

In Santa Bárbara de Samaná, there are some colorful houses from the Colonial Era that really worth it. They are made of painted wood and it is a typical image of this area. If you go to the city, you shouldn´t miss walking along its boardwalk and the bridges over the keys.

colorful houses in Samana

4. Los Haitises National Park

It´s an excursion that can´t be done on your own since they take you by boat. You can see mangrove swamps, caves, karst formations, and deserted beaches, as well as a great variety of birds. I recommend avoiding overcrowding on weekends.

If you are visiting Samaná, I recommend you this trip to Los Haitises.

5. Fun & Adventure

Because of its nature, Samana is an ideal destination for adventure activities. You can choose between a quad bike tour along the beaches of Samaná or a zip line ride through the jungle, which are the most typical adventure excursions to do in Samaná.

One-day trip to Samana or stay there?

There are so many different beaches to see in Samaná and things to do, that I suggest that you stay at least a few nights. But if you have already planned your vacation and you´re going to stay elsewhere, some excursions take you to visit certain points of Samaná for the day.

Keep in mind that the journey is long and several hours may be lost in the transfers. For this reason, a few tours seem worthwhile to me and others not, because in some I think it is too much of a trip for what is finally seen. The one-day trips that I recommend are:

  • El Limón Waterfall and Cayo Levantado island: they pick you up at your hotel in Punta Cana or Bayahibe and take you to Samaná to El Limón waterfall and Bacardi Island, and they include lunch. It lasts all day. You can book it from here by “bus + boat” and from here by plane, in case you want to avoid spending so many hours on transport.
  • The whales: in case it´s the whale watching season, this excursion from Punta Cana may be worth it, because they also take you to spend a couple of hours at Cayo Levantado key.

Map – Best beaches in Samaná

And up to here those that for me are the best beaches in Samaná and activities that are worth doing. If you already know Samaná, do you agree with me? Would you add any other? And if you are about to travel, tell us about your trip in the comments! Supposing that the information helped you, you can help us a lot by sharing it on your social networks. Thank you!